Various (streaming) music sources have stopped playing; any ideas why?

  • 24 June 2022
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Hi -

I have several (streaming audio station) music sources configured on my system (via the Sonos app, of course) that in the past played just fine.

Now, they do not.

In particular, I listened to Dogglounge and Balearic FM; both were available & set up via the TuneIn music source (which also made them findable in the Sonos Radio section).

I can’t tell you exactly when it stopped working; it has likely been a month or 3. Today when I try to play either via TuneIn, I get repeated pre-stream ads from TuneIn - as if this is a fallback when it can’t start the stream.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully using other (valid Sonos) music sources - e.g. I can find Balearic FM on the myTuner music source; if I try to start it there, the Play icon changes to the triangle/play for a moment, but then switches back to the square stop icon (and no audio plays).

I know the stations play just fine via TuneIn & other apps; I can start the TuneIn app (or, or myTuner) directly on my iPhone, start the station(s) playing, then use AirPlay to route my phone audio to my Sonos system. It plays fine - which was my workaround and why I didn’t come here to solve the underlying cause previously.

So it’s not a problem with the stations, or the interaction between TuneIn (…) & the stations. It’s clearly something to do with Sonos not starting the streams from those sources.

And this is a change from the last several years.

Hey @Sonos - any idea what’s up?

(For grins, I sent my diagnostic info via the S1 app just now after having tried to stream these stations via those sources; my confirmation number is 1135905664.


PS - I removed the TuneIn service as a music source, and re-added it; this did not resolve the issue.

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