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  • 2 October 2021
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I have a Playbar with Sub and two Ones as 5.1 on TV. Until recently, when I finished watching TV, the Sonos would revert to my last listened TuneIn or other Favourite after maybe fifteen minutes. Scenario: TV off - go to bed - get up - press a pause button and there should be radio. Now there isn’t. If I open the app, it is still connected to the TV (optical). I have to browse and pick the radio station. OK, this is not a reason to go crazy but it is a new unwanted behaviour. It still swaps to TV if I turn that on while another source is playing.

I can not say whether this started with the latest update but it is a very recent manifestation.

Has anyone else had this? Is there a fix?

I did do searches before posting here. Please don’t mutter if I missed something somewhere else.


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2 replies

  1. Have you tried a simple reboot of the Playbar (power it off for ~30 seconds)?
  2. Is the TV remaining on, but in standby? If so what happens when you power it off completely? 

Thanks for the speedy reply.

  1. I thought I had but did it again just now to be sure.
  2. The TV stays in standby.

I did another test now (which delayed my reply) and this time it did revert to radio after 15 minutes.

I guess I hadn’t restarted the Playbar after all, so thanks for putting me straight. That is usually the first thing I try with anything electronic <facepalm>.  All good now it seems.