Turntable --> Preamp --> Connect --> Beam = very quiet

  • 23 March 2021
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I have a Technics SL-1700MK2 turntable that is running to a Rolls VP29 Pre-amp to a Sonos Connect and then to a Sonos Beam.  When I first set it up, without the pre-amp, the sound was very quiet and I had to have the Sonos volume all the way up just to hear anything.  Then I added the pre-amp and it was fine.  But soemtime recently it developed the same problem.  I even sent the pre-amp back to Rolls under a warranty repalcement in case that was the issue.  They returned me a brand new one but it’s still very quiet.  If I turn the Sonos volume all the way up and sit right next to the speaker I can hear it, but that’s it.  Any ideas? 

4 replies

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Under the Line-in settings for the Connect, adjust the Source Level higher. Also set Audio Compression to Uncompressed.

That helped somewhat, but it’s still somewhat quiet at half volume and if I crank it up to full volume I get a loud buzz in the background. Any thoughts? 

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Have you checked all of your connections on the turntable, preamp, and Connect to make sure everything is connected correctly and there aren’t any loose connections?

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On the Connect the line in level should be at 10