Spotify constantly dropping out

  • 15 February 2021
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Hi - I have an issue where Spotify is constantly dropping out on my speakers. One of the two speakers in the room is connected directly to the router via ethernet cable. I consistently get 100MBs+ connections on my laptop in the same room. I can see in the app that both speakers are WM0.


I have created a diagnostic report about 30 seconds after my Spotify started dropping out (on the “Office” speakers), and it continued to drop out after this. It will play for 2 seconds, then pause for 5 seconds, then play for 2 seconds etc.. Diagnostic number is 245277019.


Any suggestions?


7 replies

I should add - I have tried power cycling the speakers, removing and reinstalling the spotify service, removing and reinstalling the spotify app, changing the wireless channel (even though it should be on wired mode)...

Have you tried rebooting the router, too?: Power off all Sonos, reboot router and when the router comes back power on Sonos.

Can you try with another ethernet cable and/or another port in the router?

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Have you tried changing the SonosNet channel in the Sonos app?

Hi, thank you. I have tried changing the SonosNet channel in the Sonos app. I have now tried rebooting the router and changing the ethernet cable. It worked for a while (~2 hours) and then I started getting dropouts again.


I have submitted a new diagnostic report - 67299780 - this is with the router rebooted and a new cable.


Any help, Sonos?

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Hi @kazza789, thanks for reaching out to the Sonos Community.

Seems like you may have disabled the WiFi on one of the Office speakers, which could be making it harder for them to communicate with each-other, leading to audio dropping out.

Mind following the steps here to enable WiFi on your Sonos player? Let us know if there’s any improvement with the WiFi on the Office speaker re-enabled :)

Hi @Xander P 


Thanks for the help. I found two issues with my setup because of this. As you noted - I didn’t have wifi enabled on one of the speakers, and I had two separate speakers connected by wire. When I turned on wifi I created a network storm, but got that sorted out :)


Unfortunately, still having dropout issues. I’ve submitted a new diagnostic report - 1822642011. This was right after / during spotify dropout issues. It’s less severe than before, but it still stops for a few seconds pretty frequently, as if it is buffering.

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Got it, thanks for updating us @kazza789.

Looks like you’ve grouped quite a few rooms together - is that typically when you experience issues with audio dropping out?

If so, I’d recommend starting the group from a wired unit, such as your Connect:Amp - the room that you start the group from becomes the Group Coordinator, and you want this to be the room with the strongest connection to the network where possible.

Mind ungrouping the rooms, and then regrouping them starting from the Connect:Amp? 

Let us know if this helps :)