Spotify connection lost

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Diagnostics confirmation number 1623634040


For the past few days I can hardly use Sonos for streaming Spotify. In most cases it will say ‘connection lost’.


Yesterday morning it did not work, yestarday afternoon it worked, and right now it is not working again.


I have tried the following:

  • remove and re-add Spotify
  • uninstall and re-install both Apps, Sonos and Spotify
  • restart router

Could someone please point me in the right direction…? 


Thank you


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Same problem here. Have tried to reboot the system, both Sonos and Spotify … It works sometimes, then nothing .. 

Same Problem Here. I have tried all the suggestions/troubleshooting tips listed above. At this point it seems like its got to be either a Sonos Issue or a Spotify issue. I use this for work so any tips on how to fix this would be appreciated. Really dont want to have to change systems but Im at a loss and this problem keeps happening. 

Whats worked for me is un-grouping the speakers that are having the spotify issue. Select one of the speakers that has no queue then regroup all of the speakers to that one. Seems to work temporarily… Would be nice to have an update from Sonos or Spotify that doesn’t point the finger.

It seems like since my last Sonos app update on my iOS device I’m having Spotify issues by trying to use Spotify in Sonos. I keep getting either connection lost or unable to play “xxx” song title. The work around I’ve figured out is to start the playlist from the Spotify app directly, then use Airplay to get your it connected to the Sonos device.   

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Just got this problem. It happened about 30 minutes after I swapped out an old Connect:Amp for a new Amp.


My other five Sonos rooms are wired, but this one is wireless. I thought I might have to provide it with my Wi-Fi password, but didn’t and everything went smoothly until it stopped playing because the connection to Spotify was lost.


Interestingly, I could search for tracks on Spotify (in Sonos controller) but they won’t play. I ungrouped rooms, but the problem continued in each room.


Still searching for a searching for a solution.