Speakers dropping out after adding Move

  • 5 October 2020
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I have an Arc, four Ones (each in a different room) and a Move. Over the years, I’ve had occasional problems with speakers dropping out, but never sustained or consistent. Since adding a Move to my system a few weeks ago, the problem has been nearly constant. If playing to more than one room at a time, speakers regularly cut in and out, frequently enough that the system is becoming unusable. Some speakers do this more than others, but it happens with all of them, with no discernible pattern. This happens whether playing via a streaming service (usually but not exclusively Spotify) or via my local Music Library.

The Move integration may be coincidental, but the problems have coincided with its addition. 

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1 reply

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Hi @jwest1113 

I suggest you remove the Move to verify if it has compounded your issues.  In any event I suggest you:

  1. Unplug all Sonos
  2. Check your routers admin page for updates
  3. Reboot your router
  4. Power Cycle your iOS or Android device
  5. Check your iOS or Android device for updates
  6. Power cycle your device (if step 5 was implemented)
  7. Make sure the Sonos app is up-to-date
  8. Setup your Move
  9. Plug-in other Sonos 1x1 and let each come back before moving to the next

Note: You might consider moving Sonos (other than the Move) to a wired setup by following the instructions in this link.

Let us know how things sort out. Cheers!