Soundbar starts sporadic

  • 1 January 2021
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My soundbar sometimes start a radiostation randomly in the morning on different times and different volumes. I can't turn it of I my app, have to go to the soundbar and turn it off by the button on the soundbar..

Anyone experience this problem?

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Best answer by Airgetlam 1 January 2021, 20:09

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4 replies

Radio station from what streaming source? Spotify? TuneIn? Sonos Radio? Or is it maybe coming through the optical connection from the TV set, which may be turning on to check for updates?


Good question. Next time it happens i will check cloaser. I don't think anything showing in my sonos App. And the icon for pause/stop can't be used cause it dosent show that any volume is active... i will update u next time it happens. Thank u for fast response 👍

If nothing is showing in the Sonos app, that suggests two possibilities. One is some sort of disconnect between the speaker and your controller ( wifi interference or duplicate IPs as two potentials), or the input is coming from the TV through the optical cable and triggering the auto-play function. In the past, we have seen both TVs and cable boxes turn themselves on in order to check for updates, and as a result, sending a signal through to the Sonos. Most often, it’s been the TV set, but some folks have connected their PLAYBARs directly to a cable box. 

Yes, i'm thinking the same actually, that the sound comes from the TV via The optical cable, even tho the TV aren't turned on. I will unplug the optical cable, se if I can found something in the TV setting for the updates. I guess I have to by a new TV maby 🙈