Sonos whole sistem crashes

  • 12 January 2021
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one of our clients uses SONOS products in their building, its like a 30 devices, from ONEs to AMPS, Beams and Bars. Two sonos gateways. 

Whole devices was on LAN cable, but after adding Beam to the controller whole system crashes, older devices starts to disappear. After putting everything on wifi it seams to stabilize but after some time i notice that on my ping program the whole system loses connection instantly, like a switching On and Off. 

Maybe you can suggest a solution or if there is some specific way to manage all these devices.

P.s. Amps are not even added to controller yet, do not know what will happen after we add them...

14 replies

What do you mean by ‘Sonos gateways’?

This could just be a simple IP address conflict, or a network storm, but without more information about what devices, both Sonos and network devices that are in use, it’s merely guessing. 

Thanks for the quick replay,

I will try to collect more information on what are they using as soon as possible, because we do not go there often.

All devices are with mac reservations, maybe something was missed and it made a conflict, we will check. 

P.s. what information should I provide? Matrix would be enough?

P.s.s. I do not know if we could call it a Sonos gateway, bet we have two dedicated gateways for this system. So far one is unused.

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There is a maximum of 32 Sonos devices in one network. Or at least that used to be the case, idk if that changed with S2. Could be aproblem here?

Check the switches for STP support. 

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Ask the client if the “Gateways” are labeled as Bridge or Boost devices.

If they say Bridge have them replace the power supply that is a known and very frustrating problem to troubleshoot.

I’d suggest removing any Bridges myself, either wire another (non-Sub or Surround) Sonos or have the client get a Boost, as that is a much newer and more reliable device.

Thank you for you advices, I will try this as soon as possible. 

STP is supported on these aruba switches. But cannot say it is correctly configured…

Maybe controller supports less than 32 devices, because as I added 30th system start to flash like a christmas tree 

Did we ever get to clarify what these “Sonos gateways” are?

If they’re Boosts or Bridges they count towards the 32 maximum.


STP is supported on these aruba switches. But cannot say it is correctly configured…

Managed switches typically need to have STP enabled. And it should use classic STP, not RSTP.

hmm, okey. I went to the “Sonos-Gateway” address via web browser and I can see Device status, playlist configuration, system settings, some groups with master and slave,it shows state of sonos App. Can not even tell if it is device or just their programmed web application to control their playlist…. 

hmm, okey. I went to the “Sonos-Gateway” address via web browser 

I’m still none the wiser. What is the “Sonos-Gateway” address? Do you mean an http://x.x.x.x:1400/status address?

Are we talking about a home automation system? When I google, I get

hmm, okey. I went to the “Sonos-Gateway” address via web browser 

I’m still none the wiser. What is the “Sonos-Gateway” address?

just IP address, reachable from their server. I think it is a device, cannot reach one of the employees to get the name or model… I think they just called it Sonos-Gateway, but if they are getting information from the devices, I guess it could interfere with the sonos network.

I wanted to pick a matrix for you guys, but half devices now are shown as undefinde and whole table is white :D

See the edit to my last post.

See the edit to my last post.

Yes, thats the company JUNG, they making these kind of devices for Smart houses… and sonos gateway is without port address just the

Right, we’re getting somewhere. To start with, that linked page says “up to 30 Sonos devices can be controlled” so if you’ve hit that limit who knows what could happen. Also, since it’s a third party integration I think you’d be better off contacting the vendor.

Thank you ratty, 

I treated their sonos-gateway as Sonos product and did not consider as a third party, I will test this next week. I have a feeling that their automative controller is glitching the network.