Sonos Speakers keep moving rooms by themselves

  • 1 October 2021
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My setup is follows

A Sonos Play:1 in room ‘Living Room’

A Five (Gen 2) in Study (it used to be in the living room), I moved it in the app to Study.

The problem is the Five keeps moving itself back into Living Room and renaming itself to ‘Living Room Sonos Five’ (in the software, not physically)

This tends to happen within 48 hrs of me changing it to the correct name and room…. see screen shots from app.

Any ideas what is going on?




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3 replies

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Do you use Apple HomeKit?  If so, this can change the Sonos Players back to the set-up it has.

yes I do… I’ll look into that.. .thanks

that seems to have fixed it, thanks.