Sonos Sonance Outdoor Speaker Crackle/Distortion

  • 1 June 2021
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Hi Sonos Community!!! What’s Crackin??? PUN Intended. I recently purchased two Sonos Sonance Outdoor speakers and hooked them up to Zone 2 of my Denon Receiver. They worked fine for two days. Crystal Clear and they sound Awesome! Makes my pool feel more like Vegas. On the third day, a couple of changes were made, #1, We added SXM radio to our Sonos Account (Should have zero effect on speaker crackle) #2, the temperature outside reached 99 degrees (We live in the desert). I ran 14 gauge wire approximately 30 feet to each speaker - There should have been no reason for the speakers to blow and the installed wire exceeds the recommendation per the installation manual. Any ideas on what would cause the speakers to crackle at 75% volume? Is this distortion proof that the speakers are damaged? What did Sonos tell you about your incident? Any thoughts you can share with me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!!! Rich in Bombertown.

6 replies

First thing I would do is check that the speaker wire connections didn’t come loose a the speaker or receiver.  


Are you saying the speakers work fine at lower volumes, you only get crackling at higher volumes?


Thank you for the response. I’ll be sure to double check the speaker wire connections. I only noticed the crackling at 75% of max volume and higher. I’ll double check for accuracy and report back this evening. Rich

Note that Sonos doesn’t make those speakers, a company called Sonance does. Sonos does sell some of Sonance’s speakers on the Sonos website, and apparently the Sonos name is on the Architectural line of speakers, but they’re not actually made by Sonos.

Hate to say it, but you may get more/better information from Sonance than from Sonos. 

But it might help many other folks who have wider knowledge if you were to be specific about which outdoor speakers from Sonance you purchased, and connected to your Denon. And frankly, it would probably help those if you were to detail more information about the Denon as well, so that they can look up the manuals for both the speakers, and the Denon.  

I do have to wonder if there’s an aspect of being overdriven in terms of power requirements. 


I know this is a late response but to any interested in this issue, The Zone 2 outputs of the Denon receiver are 100 watts at maximum. The speakers are designed to have a maximum rating of 130 watts. All speaker connections were properly installed and verified from the beginning, but I double-checked them for purposes of this thread. I exceeded the wire recommendations for AWG and distance, so there should have been no issues with over-driving the woofers. I’m simply going to return them and replace them with new ones. I purchased an additional set with the Sonos Amp. When I receive the new speakers and amplifier, I’ll run all four speakers through the Sonos Amp and see what the outcome is. Hopefully, I won’t have any other issues with these. I did like them at the beginning until the crackling started. I’ll report back in a month when the speakers have all been replaced and connected to the Sonos amplifier with news...

Hi RIch , Thanks for sharing your experience , I just had the same situation and I am like mad reading reviews about what is wrong with the speakers. I bought an amp with 4 outdoor speackers. From the 4 only 2 work good and the other 2 sound like crakling and with a huge distotion. I tried each individually with a short 1,5 mm cable but they sound awful. I head that there is an error in one of the inner components that stabilize the sound. It work ok at 25-50% of the volume. From 75% onwards it sounds blasted. Thanks you very much in advance , Jorge from Argentina


Had a similar issue with 2 Sonos / Sonnance architectural outdoor speakers hooked up to a Sonos Amp. Checked wire gauge and distance, distortion kicks in at about 75% of max volume. No heat issues here - temps in the 50’s. Pretty disappointed and returned the speakers. Going to look for something else I can hook up to the amp and max it out. Curious if using the sonos amp worked out for you, RichDavis2018?