Sonos Ray not appearing in app

  • 13 June 2022
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Hi, i’m hoping you can help with the following issue

My Ray soundbar is connected to the tv and working as expected, however it’s not showing in my app (my other products are).

Any ideas?

thank you in advance!


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9 replies

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Did you follow the instructions to add it to your existing Sonos system using your Sonos App?

Hi, thanks for your reply

I did try to add the product, but none can be found..

also did a factory reset twice, when finishing configuration, it’s visible in the app, but then disappears! 
Im using a mesh wifi btw.


As a troubleshooting experiment, could you connect one of your Sonos devices to your router by Ethernet?  That will cause the Sonos devices to connect over SonosNet rather than your mesh network.

What mesh system to you have? I suspect that is where the issue will lie.

Thanks for your reply

just connected my Ray with ethernet directy to the router. Switched over to my non-mesh networks.

ran setup and get attached error.


my mesh is a tp link deco


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You might want to leave one or more Sonos wired to your router’s main hub and let the Sonos connect over SonosNet. I find that a lot less frustrating than trying to deal with WiFi issues.

Got it to work on my non - mesh with ethernet cable connected to ray, but now it cannot find my other products…. Frustrating

eventual this is not the setup in want, having it all wired defeats the purpose of wireless. Need my mesh for coverage around the house ( dont want to swith network to use sonos)

bit disappointed with the product 

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I’m missing something. Why have it all wired?

All you need is one Sonos (main, not Sub or Surround) device wired or if that is hard you can add a Boost that can be placed near your router.

Nothing but Sonos will use the SonosNet, all your other gear will still use your WiFi.

There is nothing wrong with the product. 

Does the mesh contain a router or does it connect to a router supplied by your ISP?

What do you mean by your non mesh wifi?

The issue here is 100 per cent sure to be network setup related. 

My best guess, based on limited information, is that you have two devices creating WiFi networks, or two that are generating IP addresses, or both of those things. That can sometimes work for individual devices, but not for systems with multiple devices like Sonos..

If you can give us a description of your network then it will hopefully enable us to see if my guess is correct or if there is another explanation.