Sonos Radio account needs to be reauthorized

  • 11 November 2020
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I can’t search for radio stations currently.

The Sonos app says my Sonos Radio account needs to be reauthorized. When I click on Reauthorize it comes up with an error msg saying ‘Unable to reauthorize Sonos Radio account’.

ive deleted and reinstalled the Sonos app but that hasn’t worked. Can anyone help? Very frustrating! 


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34 replies

Unplugged my speakers then replugged them in - all working fine. Thanks.

I have a LOT of Sonos speakers and did not want to cycle power on all of them. I have only one set of Play1s that I used for Sonos Radio. I cycled power on those and it worked. Don’t know if you can just randomly choose one speaker to cycle power to fix it. Maybe.

SOLUTION that worked for me:

Unplugged one speaker….

waited a minute,

Plugged it back in…..


Sonos Radio now works (Note no “Reauthorize:  prompt)

This is very frustrating. Re-added TuneIn and reverted all our radio stations to it. 

it took a few time, but after rebooting my sonos speaker, the sonos radio is working again. thx


came here with the same error. Fixed it by rebooting my main Sonos Port.

Sonos getting worse and worse.

using their stuff since 2012, but since S2: reboots, slow app, and ‘have you tried to turn it off and on again’

Come on, get your S*** together Sonos, getting more and more frustrated with these expensive pieces of junk


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I unplugged my Sonos products and then when I plugged back in I went back to the app and was able to reauthorise the account

Same here, having to power cycle or reauthorize at least once weekly. 

please fix 🙏

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What’s the reason for having to re-authroize every couple of days ?