Sonos One keeps connecting to my wireless and not sonosnet

  • 23 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I have a Sonos Beam and 1 Sonos One. Both where connected to my wifi.  I had drop outs so decided to connect the BEAM to a Wired connection.  

My Beam is connected to a Netgear switch which supports STP/RSTP and it is working fine. 

Now I am trying to connect the Sonos One to the SonosNet. However it keeps reverting to my Wireless network. I tried resetting the Sonos One, removing the wifi network in the app so that it connects to the SonosNet. This did not work. 

Tried disabling my wireless on my phone but if I do this the app complains there is no wifi. So that did not work.

Looked at the settings and the Beam is on wm0 and the One is on wm1, so the One is not using the Sonosnet.

Am I misunderstanding the sonosnet setup?  What steps am I missing? 

I thought the Sonos One would automatically connect to the SonosNet.

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1 reply

Is the “WiFi” disabled on the Beam in the Sonos app? If so turn it back on. It disables SonosNet, not WiFi.