Sonos Customer Support Shocking

  • 25 May 2020
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Hi All,


I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced really poor service for a premium brand like Sonos. I have chased them for 3-4 weeks for support and I am greeted with someone called Neelam who was abrupt and rude over email. My beam and Sonos one system is malfunctioning and does not stop cackling, I have had the items for 1 year and paid a fair fee for them as we know Sonos is not cheap. I have not had these issues with BOSE in the past good customer service, product that has not malfunctioned less than a year in to ownership! I love the ease of Sonos and sound quality was good at first, but I really am getting no where with the support. It is affecting me mental health significantly and is becoming overwhelming. Has anyone dealt with a manager or director at Sonos I can contact to aim to get a resolution to my technical issues with my product? Has anyone else had issues with the support and or product in the past? 


8 replies

All of my experiences with Sonos support, both online and via phone have been outstanding, but in all cases, they were long before the current situation. One does have to wonder how much stress the whole pandemic situation has placed on the support folks, Both from the standpoint of people able to get to the office, and the potential increase in calls because so many people are sheltering in place and calling in, since they’re using the system more, and have additional time to call in.

But, it’s unfortunate that your experience was poor. I hope you are able to get past your mental health issues, and get to a place where you can get your Sonos issues resolved. For what it’s worth (which is nothing), I’ve never seen a confirmed case of Sonos being the culprit in a static case, it’s always been a Wi-Fi interference or a broken cable issue. But that’s just on those cases that self report a solution here in these forums, which is definitely all cases. There are many cases in which the respondent never returns to explain what may have happened, so we’re left to wonder what the solution was. 

Awful support. I have 2 speakers not working, after all the troubleshooting no help. 

They are rude, and impossible to understand. They could care less. 

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Hi @davidwellsuk. Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community.

I apologize for the bad experience you have had regarding this inquiry. Besides passing your feedback along to the appropriate channel within Sonos, I would like to send you a DM with instruction so I would be able to take your case file over. I will also provide you a case number in the event you would like to reference this case with additional Sonos agents.

Hands down the worst support I’ve ever encountered. 

A non-existent customer service phone line.

Useless CSRs on Twitter and FB.

Just awful. 

After 6 different people contacting me we are still in the same position close to 50 emails and messages back and forth and over 2 hours on the phone doing the same diagnostics tests and proof the system is defaulting I am still being asked to do more! What more can I do? The company are not acknowledging how this is effecting my mental health which I have made 4 out of the 6 people contact me aware of and this is adding stress beyond belief 7 weeks of chasing. This is a really troubling issue in world especially during the current economic climate and I have Sonos doing everything they can to make my life as difficult as possible, it’s almost like they want you to suffer so you just submit and give up! I’m beyond breaking point and I really do hope this gets acknowledged as enough is enough!!!

Sonos support in a nutshell right here:



I have now moved property and finally managed to plug in my sonos setup today and guess what it’s still crackling non stop! Why has it taken me 3 months and we still have no resolution! 

I am telling me people I’m suffering with my mental health and still no acknowledgement and how this effecting me! Please can someone appreciate that I have spent significant money and have no support and still no resolutions for setup!!!


I am just so tired of this all it’s been 14 weeks I have chased chased and chased!!!!