Sonos connection very unreliable

  • 25 March 2021
  • 2 replies

So after updating to the new Controller - the connection to my Sonos system has become VERY unreliable. In all cases it is solved either by power cycling router or just waiting ages and keep trying.

The router does drop out now and again - but even MS Teams can deal with glitches - so why is Sonos so bad at dealing with tiny blips in wifi ?

Never happened on the old controller - seems like a windows vista moment for Sonos.

2 replies

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I’d turn off all your devices and then restart your Router.  then turn on your Sonos kit first. 

This issue is caused by ip addressing problems, someone with more tech knowledge may add as to why.

Could be your router causing this or Sonos.  Setting dedicated IP range for your Sonos kit helps stop this happening.

A bit more explanation, hope it helps:

If reboot does not help take a look at possible wifi interference: