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  • 20 November 2021
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I have a Sonos Connect device and two Player 1s.  I moved and had no trouble connecting the Player speakers to my new WiFi system.  I am having troubles with the Connect product.  

I rebooted, I reset to factory settings, I have successfully added to the Sonos 2 app more than once. (There were no problems using this device at my former home.)

The Connect is connected to a CD player as it was previously.  

The system plays the CDs for about 20 minutes and then simply disconnects.  This has happened repeatedly and each time I try the steps above.  Has anyone else had this problem and how have you resolved the issue?

I am using WiFi with high speed access (almost 200 mbps); Sonos 2; iPhone 12.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Does the white light show any activity?  Does the Connect reboot itself? 

Refrain from Factory Reset without further consult because Factory reset rarely cures fundamental issues and the reset destroys diagnostic data that could have been used to help resolve an issue,

Mother nature is never fair, it is possible that the CONNECT has developed a hardware issue. I suggest that you submit two diagnostics, one while CONNECT is working and one while CONNECT is not working, then follow-up with Sonos support. As a temporary test, you could wire CONNECT to your network and submit another diagnostic. Does CONNECT work OK while wired to your network?

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By chance are you using a Sonos Bridge? Note: If not using a Bridge there’s no need to continue reading :relaxed:

  1. If you are using a Bridge remove it and wire a speaker to your router; if feasible, If wiring a speaker is not practical then I suggest purchasing the Sonos Boost which replaced the Bridge. The Bridge is outdated and problematic.

Assuming curiosity got the best of you and you continued’s another question….:relaxed:

  1. Are there any range extenders or access points in your network?


No Range Extenders in my network.  I thought that might help, but my home is not that big.  I may follow up on this though.

Sonos white light starts flashing or goes totally dark when the device stops.  When this happens, the attached CD player is still playing, we just can’t hear it over our speakers.  Connect component (it is not the Bridge) may have rebooted itself once.  The problem has occurred repeatedly as I have been able to get it to work for short periods after rebooting.  On one occasion, the sound went off and then came back on about 5 minutes later.

I would prefer not to move close to router as I would also need to move CD player.

Appreciate your questions and welcome support.


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I would suggest you contact Support. 

I had a recent problem with similar symptoms - Support confirmed a hardware fault. 

Since some users felt that the status light was a distraction in dark bedrooms, an option was added to blackout the light, but this blackout occurs immediately after a reboot, not after a few minutes. Flashing could indicate communication issues, but a random blackout after 20 minutes indicates a hardware issue. WiFi card or power supply failure is likely. WiFi card failures are not always terminal because the player will often continue working if wired to the network, but the status light will not go dark. Another diagnostic observation: the network port status lights should always be active when connected to the network and never active if there is no connection.

Don’t be too smart to check the dumb stuff, such as an intermittent power connection.

Thanks for the suggestions.  There is nothing wrong with the power supply as other devices using the same outlet are functioning without interruptions.

Wondering what you meant by a “hardware fault”, Castalla.



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Support said the network card was faulty.  I tried using ethernet but that also failed. 

In my reference to “power supply” I was speaking about some of the internal circuity of CONNECT. Obviously, the external power cord and its connections are critical too.