Sonos Beam and under TV mount

  • 24 April 2021
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I plan to fix my Beam under my 24” Panasonic Tv (vesa 20x10) which I plan to change to a 32” later this year.

the TV is on a fixed Spectrum PL60 floor stand and the vesa bolt holes are 19cm and 29cm above the lower edge of the tv.

So, I’m looking for a simple solution that would have 2 vertical L shaped brackets that would be at least 30cm long to allow fixing, space for the Beam and access to the controls.

Spectrum say it can’t be done, but I believe there must be a simple solution out there. Does anyone have any recommendations?


8 replies

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The small size of your TV might prohibit you from finding a good solution.

Would any of these mounts work?


Thanks GuitarSuperstar


i saw that website too.

the Sanus horizontal bar is too wide for the current tv, but would be ok for future tv.

live tried to get the measurements from Soundbass and Mount It, but am struggling.

they look like they would work but need the actual measurements.

thanks again


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That sounds like custom fabrication of some kind.  You can definitely mount with L-brackets - we mounted a beam with cheapo black L-brackets from a big box store attached to the wall and using short screws on the bottom.  The problem is the holes on the bottom of the Beam probably don’t line up with any holes on the TV or TV stand, and of course L-brackets in the size and proportions you need would be difficult to find.


Many thanks airforceteacher. I’m still holding out for a branded solution.

I’m in the UK, so we call them hardware shops. 😀

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Most hardware stores sell aluminum in stock shapes and sizes, easy to cut and drill to make just what you want. Once fitted up and you are happy a spritz of aluminum compatible spray paint will have it looking nice.

If you strike out on a factory built solution think about it.


Many thanks Stanley_4, I’ve started to look for that type of solution.

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Fabrication from aluminum stock may not even be that difficult - the size, thread specifications and exact distance between the mounting holes used to be in the User Guide, but I can’t find it now.  I actually was standing in Home Depot looking at the specs when I bought the parts I needed.  


The biggest issue is that I don’t think the distance between the holes matches the VESA mount holes distances exacly, so you’d need a bar spanning the VESA mount holes, then the L-brackets hang from that. I drew an idea an attached it.  It’s quite likely it can be improved upon, or someone here has had to do something similar and may share ideas.


Thanks airforceteacher, the drawing is very useful.

ive found an aluminium fabricator near home and I have an idea of what would work, I just need to sketch it out. 2 verticals with 10cm interval bolt holes to future proof the fitting., then 3 simple 90 degree internal bends to create a bracket to hold the Beam. That, in turn, would be bolted to the verticals just creating its own horizontal strengthener.