sonos arc keeps losing atmos

  • 3 June 2021
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I have seen a few similar questions but nothing exact.

I have my Arc connected to my Samsung Q70 via the Sonia provided HDMI cable.


I never had an issue getting ATMOS vis apps such as Netflix - but recently I can only get 5.1 sound and not ATMOS. Does anyone have advice how to fix this?


… I do understand that atmos isn’t available on all platforms / shows.

4 replies

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Do you still have a Netflix premium subscription? Have you checked your Streaming Quality settings in your Netflix account to make sure it is set to High or Auto?

What are your TV’s audio settings set to?

Hey - thanks for the response. 

yes, I have the premium subscription and set it at the highest.


I noticed if I pull the power on the tv And arc it seems to work for a while, then just go back to 5.1 audio.

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Do you have any other devices connected to your TV?

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Hey Tmondhallie, I have the similar TV (Q75R - AU model). Same issue with Netflix showing 5.1 badge on shows, although you’ll still see the Sonos app reporting Atmos for capable content.

I believe it might be the new Samsung Netflix app, but then again Samsung have a shocking history with ARC/eARC device compatibility.