sonos 1 keeps cutting out tried everything

  • 23 January 2022
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my Sonos in the kitchen keeps cutting out. I’ve read lots about set up and have 3 boosts (2wired) for my 13 speakers in the house. Sonos in kitchen is 5ft away from and other appliances and less than 20ft from a wired boost. Any ideas? My diagnostics report submitted is ref 1151083272


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2 replies

Maybe try a different SonosNet channel and set your router’s 2.4Ghz WiFi so it is at least 5 channels away on fixed channel 1, 6 or 11 and set to use a channel-width of 20Mhz only.

If you do not have any Sonos portable products (Roam/Move) then also remove your WiFi credentials from the Sonos App network settings… if you do have them, then try them on the routers 5Ghz signal if they are not using that connection already. Then see if those few suggestions fix your issue.





After trying everything else on this website I looked at the IP mapping for my home network. The router assigned two devices the same IP address--one of them being my Play One.

In the Netgear router settings for the local area network I made an IP reservation for the Sonos Play One (the MAC address for SONOS devices can be found in the SONOS app under System). The IP reservation was made in the upper range since my router assigns devices in the lower IP addresses first and then works its way up.  

It works flawlessly now.