SiriusXM 700 series channels stopped working

  • 23 January 2022
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I noticed this problem earlier this week. From my Sonos Favorites, I click on The Loft (Ch. 710) and i get the message. “Unable to play the selected item”.  Go to SiriusXM service and click on All Channels and all  of the 700 series channels are missing, the highest one listed is 470.  I removed the SiriusXM app and reinstalled it and no change.  I use the Sonos  S1 controller. Someone needs to fix this please.


Best answer by Boobndoob 24 January 2022, 19:23

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10 replies

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Other users have reported this exact same issue the last few days. Hopefully Sonos/SiriusXM are aware of the problem and will address it soon.

Could not find anything in the forums or on  Hopefully they can get it fixed.


Same problem here. Unable to listen to the Loft or stream NHL team coverage. Seems the streaming only channels may be unavailable.

I'm having the same problem, not sure when it started. None of the SiriusXM sports channels are available through Sonos. I first noticed yesterday when I was trying to listen to an NFL playoffs game. I can access other channels, 76 and 67, for example, but not NBA, NFL, and other sports channels that I've been listening to for years. I have a Platinum subscription with SiriusXM, and have full access with the SiriusXM app on my iPhone

I just contacted the Sonos help number and they agent confirmed that they are having an issue. It’s likely on the SiriusXM side, as Sonos merely points to their server(s). We shall see. I noticed that the webpage has been updated to reflect issues with SiriusXM

Looks like most of the sports channels at least are back online. At least the ones I listen to! (SF 49ers, Golden State Warriors, SF Giants). now shows “partial outage” for SiriusXM, so quite possible that not all channels are online yet

Looks like it is fixed. Can now access The Loft (ch 710) and see all the sports channels are restored as well.  Thanks Boobndoob for reaching out to Sonos.

1-Not so fast DONROLL, it works, but may notice a delay for the station to respond and may hear a sound overlap with the previous station you select. 

2-Loft is my favorite and I am not happy they omitted from receiving in my automobile, only can receive at home.

I considered cancelling the service when they moved it, can’t they at least put in the 300 channels?

Hi All-

SiriusXM Classic Rock Party Ch715 does not work at all.  Interestingly enough, one of my SONOS speakers had that channel last played over a month ago and was never tuned to a different station.  That speaker still broadcasts Ch715 without delay or any problems.  I’m sure if I tuned it to something else, I could not get it back.  However, i can tune another speaker to the one that is still broadcasting Ch715 without problems.  SONOS - are you paying attention??  Please tell SiriusXM to get it together!!  :)