Sirius XM is skipping through wired sonso system, Just started with in last month.

  • 26 November 2021
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Hi, Sirius XM has started skipping (jumping ahead and cutting out). We have a wired system and the wireless is disabled. 3 amps and a connect that connect to our router then dsl. The speakers are wired to the amps.  I’ve removed the Sirius Service and re-installed it…  nothing seems to work?  Really irritating since we listen to Sirius alot.

4 replies

I forgot to add that Sirius is the only service that does this, Apple Music, Sonos Radio, Music Library, Iheart Radio, Audicy, Tunein, Amazon Music all work fine.

That does certainly suggest that the issue is outside your home, since everything else works, which would put the onus on the DNS path between your modem and the Sirius servers, or the Sirius servers themselves. However, given that every streamer out there has different tolerances for network congestion, it is likely worth reading the wifi interference FAQ.

It would be really nice if all this content existed on Sonos servers, but Sonos reaches out to Sirius’ servers instead, and never actually needs to ‘own’ the content. 

Thank’s I reviewd that, but I don’t have anything on my Sonos system that is wireless, the amps and connect are wired direct to the router, the speakers are wired to the amps, wireless is disabled in the app/system and everything shows up as “WM: 0”... wired.  



Joel C.

Then it certainly does suggest, as I said before, that the issue isn’t in your home network, but upstream.