S2 app won't recognize s2 speakers And want's me to launch S1

  • 14 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I have a spit system, numerous connects, boost, play1’s all have been updated to S2. I have an S1 pair of Sonos 5’s. My iOS S2 app locates the S1 5’s and won't launch the S2 app. S1 app launches fine. This is very frustrating. I may have to reset all my S2 components and downgrade them to the S1 app. Anyone else having this challenge? My Mac computers S2 apps are stable and recognize my s2 equipment. The S1 mac app won't recognize my S1 5’s. Arg!

1 reply

It sounds like you may have the S1 and S2 App running with the same Household ID and therefore seeing both system devices in the S2 App. Here is my suggestion...

I think the best way around this is a factory reset of one of your S1 only devices (Play:5 (gen1) as an example) just to begin with ...and also reset the S1 Controller App too and then create a brand new S1 System.

NB: You will lose all settings for this new S1 system setup, music services, favourites playlists etc. (Note your S2 Household will remain untouched)

I would get the S1 system setup exactly as you want it first of all, with music services etc; and then when your happy with it, go onto factory reset your other S1 devices (only) to add them to this new S1 System using the S1 controller.

Your S2 App when later opened will no longer see your new S1 Household devices (as they will now have a different Household ID) and that ‘existing’ S2 system will remain intact and continue to work as before with your S2 devices only.

Hope the suggestion above sorts your issue.