Roam won't hold a charge :(

  • 25 November 2021
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This has happened me several times now, and it’s a real pain. 

I fully charge my speaker, power it off and store it away so it’s ready for the next use. I have quite a few speakers in the house, so only use the roam when outdoors so it could be several weeks before I use it again. Every time I test it before use the battery is totally drained and dead. Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong but my gut feels like it’s a problem with the power switch. 

Has anyone else had this issue or found a solution?




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Are you on the latest firmware, v13.4?  There have been some enhancements to Roam battery performance.  

You are certainly not the first to raise this issue.

Hey John, 

Thanks for your reply. I’ve just updated to v13.4, thanks for the tip. I guess I’ll just need to run some tests and keep an eye on it. I’m pretty disappointed in the unit so far, I’m really hoping this improves performance.  

Thanks again!


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I had the same issue in that the units would go flat very quickly in standby mode.  Full power of via a 7 second button press was the solution. The new firmware power saver feature does this equivalent.

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Enable the new Battery Saver mode under the Roam’s settings. It will automatically fully power off the Roam after 30 minutes of the Roam being idle. Or you can manually power off the Roam as @bockersjv mentioned by pressing and holding the power button for about 5 seconds until you hear a descending chime.

Read more about Battery Saver mode here:

Thanks all! Will give it a go :)