Right channel of stereo pair stops playing & disappears from ‘Settings/System’ in the Sonos app.


Please could you help diagnosing this problem?

Diagnostics 630590368 & 281656925 illustrate I hope.

Both players have fixed ip addresses

Right player has a wired connection

Both have wifi connection on

Wifi Channel 6 is being used (neighbours are mostly on channel 11)

There are no other Sonos products in the house.

strangely (to me) the player can often still be reached on its address (http://192.xxx.xxx.116:1400/support/review) even though it’s not playing.

Diagnostic 1594625123 illustrates.

The player ‘sorts itself out’ after a while and the stereo pair reappears (L+R). Power cycling also fixes things when I’m not feeling so patient. 

Diagnostic 2023556715 illustrates a working system. 

Unfortunately it’s not long before the Right player drops out again. 




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Have you tried changing the SonosNet Channel to channel 1? Also try swapping the speakers.

It’s taken a while, but I think I have a solution. In this house anyway: 

  1. Switched off the asus rt-ac68u integral wifi AP. Kept the device as a router only.
  2. Replaced with a Unifi UAP-AC-Pro
  3. Sonos devices connected to wifi only, not wired. No fixed IP addresses. 
  4. Used a dedicated SSID for the Sonos devices. Unifi AP allows multiple SSID per AP. All other wifi devices connected to another SSID.

Steps 1-3 gave a marked improvement but I could still induce a failure if I sat next to one of the Sonos devices browsing the internet on my phone (connected to the same wifi AP & SSID). Step 4) was the key.
Best of luck to others with similar problems. Not an easy one to solve.