Possible causes for speakers to become ungrouped (ungrouping fairies)??

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Recently, all my speakers become ungrouped overnight and I have to group them again.  I would say it happens about every other day - doesn’t happen every day.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot?  Speaking with support is pretty futile these days.

Jim P.


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Grouped speakers are only a temporary bond. They will not stay grouped permanently. But you can create saved groups in the Sonos app to make it more easy to group your speakers together:

Could be any number of things.  Sonos can be controlled by the app, voice, other smart home device, etc.  Could be that your router is rebooting or something like that.  Power going out?

If none that sounds possible, then you could submit a diagnostic as soon as possible after it happens.  Contact Sonos with the diagnostic number and they might be able to tell you what happened.


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Mine usually stay grouped but ungroup if I have a network issue.

It might be an IP address issue if it is happening more or less on a schedule, switching from dynamic to static/reserved IP addresses would help then. Do it from your router’s DHCP settings page. Power down all Sonos, reboot router, power up first Wired, then Wireless sonos one at a time.