play bar doesnt connect

  • 22 November 2020
  • 3 replies

I’ve spent hours with customer service as well as endlessly resetting since the update and NOTHING works AT ALL.  About ready to throw this whole system in the trash as not even live help can resolve the issues. The play bar WILL NOT show up even after it repeatedly says it’s been added and I go through the factory reset about 20 times at this point. It is obscene how difficult this has been and I’m infuriated by the lack of help and failure of Sonos to resolve my issue other than to blame a router or other third party for their products total failure. 

3 replies

Is PLAYBAR wired or wireless? What other SONOS components are in the system? Are you using any WiFi repeaters or mesh points?

Model numbers might give us a hint about what is happening.

Wireless. Play 1 (2) and a sub. 

No WiFi repeaters I use an eero system. Never had issues in the past with the system till you guys totally updated the system