Play 1's and Playbar no longer streaming music

  • 1 December 2020
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My Play 1s and Playbar all of a sudden stopped working last night. My 2 Sonos One’s work fine but the others do not. I reset one of the Play 1’s and tried to link it to my account but it wasn’t working. For a while, the speaker showed up on my app as Not Registered but eventually it registered. Unfortunately, I still cannot play any music on it from any service (Apple, Pandora, Amazon, etc.)

Before all this happened, the error I’d get when trying to play a song was “Unable to play ‘<song name>’ - unable to connect to <service>. Another error I’d get was “Unable to add tracks to the queue”

The only way I can get music to play is if I start a track on one of my Sonos One’s and then select the Play 1’s. 

I’ve checked the wifi settings mentioned in other posts:

a. Auto channel must be set to Off

b. Choose best non-overlapping channel (1,6,11)

c. Set channel bandwidth to 20MHz

d. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz should be enabled

e. 802.11 band should be set to b/g/n

f. Airtime Fairness should be disabled

...and have all of these configured accordingly. 

I submitted a diagnostic # 1493440779. Please advise


Here is another weird issue. As I mentioned I am able to get music to play on the Play 1 if I start it on a Sonos One first. But once I do that, I cannot control the volume on the Play 1 via the app. Now I have to manually push the volume buttons on the Play 1. Somebody please help.

1 reply

Problem is resolved. Before all this started happening, I updated the firmware on my router (Asus RT-AX3000) to the latest version. I reverted it to the previous version and now everything is working as expected.