One SL Issue

  • 17 October 2020
  • 2 replies

I have a One SL speaker that stopped working with the Airplay on my iphone.


The speaker was paired with a One speaker

and I had been listening to Youtube with them for about two months.


A couple of weeks ago the SL started cutting out

and the Youtube app would stop playing all together.


This issue also occurs when listening to the music downloaded 

on my phone, again using airplay. 


Although if I listen to SirusXM through the Sonos app it works fine.




I uninstalled Youtube and reinstalled.

Also reset the SL to default setting and reinstalled.


I removed the paired connection of the two speakers.

The One plays fine with Youtube

The SL will not connect to Youtube at all.


I also have a full Sonos surround system in my living room.

I can play Youtube on it fine with my iphone from the bedroom.

It's not a connectivity issue.


Do you have any more suggestions?


I bought this speaker at Christmas last year.

Is it possible that it has developed a defect?




2 replies

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Hi @Brent1167 

As you have factory reset and tested the speaker as a stand-a-lone and are still only experiencing the issue with it you may have a defective speaker. Since you are within the warranty period I’d contact Sonos Customer Support to exercise a replacement option. 

Thanks AjTrek1

I assumed support would reply to me through this forum.

Don’t see anyway to email them...I will give them a call this week.