my Sonos App doesnt locate my system anymore

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I am becoming increasingly frustrated with my Sonos app not locating my Sonos system. Once I have turned the items off and then on and reset the router and connected my play one through a cable it works for about 10 minutes then loses it again. Then I have to do the same process all over again! I give up, I loved my Sonos system but no longer this is infuriating as I can’t listen to any of my music. It still works fine on my TVs around the house but I can’t locate the system on the app! 

There has got to be an issue with the app!!!




Best answer by John B 3 May 2021, 12:10

Are you using a BT Smart Hub 2?


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Are you using a BT Smart Hub 2?


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Are you using a BT Smart Hub 2?

Oh for sure. Clues:

  1. User is in the UK
  2. Problems started recently
  3. User somehow misses all the other threads on the same issue

Maybe Sonos should detect the router type and compare that to their list of known-to-be-crappy routers, and save the rest of us from this stuff?