Multiple ongoing connectivity issues.

  • 18 August 2020
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I’ve been having ongoing issues with my Sonos S2 system, receiving the following errors (at random):

  • Unable to connect to device. Try again later.
  • Unable to add songs to the Queue
  • Unable to play ‘SONG XXX’ - the connection to Apple Music was lost.
  • Unable to play ‘SONG XXX’ - the song is not encoded correctly.
  • Unable to play ‘SONG XXX’ - network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer.
  • Unable to play the selected item.
  • An error occured while adding tracks to the Queue (1000)
  • An error occured while adding tracks to the Queue (1001)
  • An error occured while adding tracks to the Queue (1002)

This is on top of music just cutting out intermittently. Obviously, quite frustrating, certainly because at other moments, everything seems to be working just fine without receiving any error messages. Note that a) my internet connection is working properly and 2) I have a wired setup, including two Sonos Boosters. I’ve also made sure the SonosNet Channel (6) is different from my 2.4G Wifi channel (13) as to minimize interference. I’ve tested multiple channels, by the way.


Diagnostic confirmation numbers:

  • 1179133003 (most recent)
  • 917189559

Thanks for looking into this!


7 replies

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Hi @Rubbertje, thanks for reaching out. I appreciate you taking the time to submit the diagnostic report. It just shows a controller diagnostic, I can’t see the status of the Sonos system, but I also checked the previous reports on your Sonos system. It shows a lot of Interference with network connections and audio dropouts. Also, pertaining to the error messages that you are getting, Kindly check this link about error messages on Sonos update. There are helpful tips on that article about this issue. 

Let us know how you get on with the advice above.

We're here to answer any further questions you have.


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Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply - and apologies for not responding sooner.

I've tried everything I can, making sure there's as little interference as possible. However, the issues remain and it's really super frustrating.

This weekend, we had a group of people over for a (COVID-safe) party and I tested the system upfront, making sure all 10 Sonos speakers and 2 boosts were closely grouped. But I had major issues throughout the night. It only got worse and I ended up using a simple bluetooth speaker instead!!

I've invested quite a bit in my Sonos system, and obviously, this is unacceptable. Everyone left the party with one conclusion: never buy Sonos. While as the host, I would have loved to demonstrate how great the system is. Unfortunately, it is not...

I expect Sonos to provide me with proper support in terms of resolving these issues. Please don't divert me to other articles as I've read everything and tried everything. There should be a solution to this craziness. 

My latest diagnostic report # is 1440061056.
Thank you.

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Hi @Rubbertje, thanks for the update and for sending a diagnostic report of your Sonos system. I apologize for what happened about this issue. After reviewing the diagnostic information, there is a lot of Interference within the connections, Kindly check this article about Reducing Wireless Interference on Sonos if that would still not work. We’ll take this issue further. 

If there is anything else I can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.

The Sonos community is always here to help.

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Thanks @Simon B

Like I mentioned, I already read all articles related to the issues I keep having. I also (again) changed my Sonos mesh network and my router channels (separating them as much as possible) but the issues remain. 

I’d really like to know how Sonos will help me solve these issues. If Sonos speakers are so prone to interference, it’s obviously a design flaw. Or am I expected to just disconnect my smarthome hubs and devices, ditch the microwave, and break down the brick walls in my home? 

I’m being a bit sarcastic, but I hope you understand that my whole Sonos system, consisting out of an Arc, a Sub, two Ones, a Play:1, a Connect, five Symfonisk bookshelf speakers and two Boosts, is quite useless while the connectivity issues remain. Any effective advice is welcome!

Please, please help me, thank you. 

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Hi @Rubbertje, thanks for the update and for doing all those necessary troubleshooting steps. In this case, we need to take this further. I'll ask you to kindly contact our phone support team for further assistance and more in-depth troubleshooting steps. They may ask for a remote access session with the device controller for your Sonos App to check on this issue and they will be able to give you further recommendations, and whichever option works for you regarding this concern.

Let us know what you have in mind with the advice above.

We're here to answer any further questions you have.

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Thanks @Simon B, shall make sure to do so shortly. 

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Hi @Rubbertje, thanks for the update. You may update us on what has been advised from our phone support team and let us know how it goes. 

If you have any questions or run into any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you.