Move Stereo Pair Bluetooth problem

  • 8 December 2019
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I have two Move-s in stereo pair which are working great.

I would sometimes like to use one of the speakers in bluetooth mode (connected to Iphone). When I use left speaker (from stereo pair) in bluetooth mode everything works great. However, when I try to use right speaker in bluetooth mode, it connects to Iphone, but no there is no sound.


I have tried to factory reset that speaker, and the problem persisted. I have also tried to separate stereo pair, then both speakers were working in bluetooth mode (separately of course) without a problem. I have also tried to switch left/right speakers when creating stereo pair, and then the other speaker was not working in bluetooth mode.


Does anybody have similar experience? Is it a software bug?


Many thanks for all the help!


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4 replies

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Hi Hrvoje, I just tested this out with my Android phone and a stereo pair of Moves, there wasn’t any trouble using Bluetooth to either side. Unfortunately I can’t re-create it with an iOS device at this time, but I’ll pass the note on to the team to check it out.

If you’re still having trouble, make sure you check for updates as a new one just came out, and maybe see if it’s still there on the new build.

I have the same problem. All work fine when Moves are in WLAN managed by Sonos app. Both are set to be as one room as stereo pair. When I switch them to Bluetooth mode I can see them both as separate devices and if I pair only one of them that speaker works but the other one has no sound. When pairing the other one that one doesn't work at all. Only one plays sound and no stereo sound exist.


How should the Bluetooth pairing be done from the point they are in Sonos system via WLAN to the point I have two speakers playing stereo sound via Bluetooth. Do I need to pair only one of them and if so which one?


Thanks in advanced for step by step guidance 'for dummies' 😊


I'm using Android phone... 

I just got an answer from Sonos customer service:

"The Sonos Move Cannot be stereo paired in Bluetooth mode. Our Stereo Pair method relies on the higher functionality present when the speaker is in Sonos mode, not Bluetooth mode. When in Bluetooth mode, the speaker disables a lot of unnecessary features. Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience."


So I guess that solves this issue... 

My first post - I have two Moves which I use as a a stereo pair. I sometimes use one of them in Bluetooth mode - I found that when I forgot to unpair the the stereo pair before switching one to Bluetooth, my system went crazy - several speakers (I have about a dozen) dropped in and out of my network, and software updates failed. Maybe this is something that everyone already knows, but I recommend unpairing the Moves from each other before switching either to Bluetooth mode. Since I have done that, no problem.