Missing Speakers since update

  • 24 September 2021
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I ran a Sonos update yesterday - which updated my Sonos speakers and iPhone/iPad app.  Since then, my two Sonos Amp (newest Gen) are not visible in the app.  My Play:1s remain active and working.  

The both amps have a solid white status light - as though they’re connected to something.

I’ve tried resetting both.  They appear in the App until I try to play music - after which, music fails to play and the zone is no longer available though the app.  

Anyone else seen similar?  I’ve used Sonos for years and never seen such an issue.  I don’t believe the unit(s) are faulty.  That would be very unlucky for both to go at exactly the same time.  

18 replies

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Try unplugging the Amps from power for a couple of minutes and rebooting your router and phone.

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Thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried resetting everything (router / Sonos amp / iPad / iPhone) unfortunately, the same still happens.  I’m sure this isn’t a fault unit as its effecting two Sonos Amps.  


The Amps(s) appear to connect ok but unable to play music.  Also, when closing and restarting the Sonos App (again, I’ve tried multiple devices) the Sonos Amp(s) disappear.  


Is there any harder way of resetting amps or forcing a software update?  (I’ve done the usual; unplug, hold the connect button whilst plugging back in - wait for green flashing light etc…) 

I recommend that you refrain from Factory Reset of the SONOS units without further consult.

Are the AMP’s wired or wireless?

Describe your network for us. Which model router are you using? Which SONOS controller are you using?

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The amps are wireless.  It’s a pretty standard modem plugged into a Google Nest router (the mesh style).  The Sonos Controller and zone connect to the wifi provided by the Google router.

There is literally ‘line of sight’ between router and Sonos Amp.  

(To rule out some bizarre hole in my network, I have located a Play 1 on top of one of the Amps and that operates perfectly.).  Placing the phone on top, also reports a full wifi signal 

I’m using the Sonos S2 iOS controller.  Both on an iPhone and iPad.  

There have been no changes to my network and other Sonos units are working fine. 

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Ok… after a bit of troubleshooting and bringing some older stuff out the cupboard - I’m quite convinced this is an issue with a recent update…

I’m running Sonos S2 (for iOS) and from what I have to hand, only the older (s1) stuff is working.  The newer (s2) stuff is not working.  I’ve now got 2amps and 2play5s that no longer work.  But were working perfectly up until the update… 

Are you running both S1 and S2 systems? Note that they are independent systems sharing the same network. Each could have a separate set of problems (or not).

Temporarily wire an AMP.

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Sorry, I’ve not described the Sonos set-up very well.  I have:

2x Play:1

1x Play:3

2x Connect:Amp (Gen 2)

1x Play:5 (Gen2)

All were working fine using the Sonos S2 controller.  I did a Sonos update - the Connect:Amp(s) and Play:5(G2) no longer connect to Sonos.  The older equipment (play:1 / 3) continue to work fine.  

I’ll try wiring an Amp to the router and see what that does.  

I might try and dig out some other Sonos units I have and see if the trend follows old vs new. 


I’d recommend unplugging all Sonos devices from power, then rebooting your router. Once the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices.

Under no circumstances should you reset any Sonos device. 

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Thanks - that’s a good call.  I’ve not tried unplugging ‘everything’.  

Unfortunately, ran out of time today.  I’ll tackle this tomorrow (and wiring the Amp too)

It clears a couple of potential networking issues, but isn’t a silver bullet, by any stretch. 

if it does work, I’d recommend looking in to assigning reserved IP addresses for all of your network devices in the router’s DHCP table. 



since the last update (i started the iOS app and it requested a update of my 2 play:5 gen2 ...those 2 speakers are unusable….


There is something wrong with this update...it fails with Error 30 ...when the system reboots after the upload of the update…

1- Those speakers are wired with the Sonos Boos

2 - I retried a reset and a re-attach

3 - But still error 30 when i tried to update it.


This is very annoying...I will contact Sonos Support tomorrow

Duplicate post to here:


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Ok - I switched off all Sonos devices, rebooted the router, reinstalled the Sonos iOS app.. then added the Play:5 (gen2) - it worked…

so I’ve been re-adding each device one at a time.  So far, so good.  

I’m guessing the update just screwed with my setup.  And I thought I was re-installing from scratch but had left one Play:1 plugged in all along.  

As I say, I’m now going round re-adding everything but things appear good so far.  Thanks for your help.

My good..


i did the same ..and now it works 



Now, follow  Airgetlam’s advice and reserve IP addresses in your router.

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Seriously, use your router’s DHCP page to set up static/reserved IP addresses for all your Sonos devices. Before I was told to try that I was ready to ebay my whole Sonos setup. Every update and every power flop was a nightmare as many of mine are difficult to unplug.

same thing happening to me here. my sonos sl has become pretty much useless. of to ebay with you, bye bye sonos!

Probably should ebay all your other network devices, while you’re at it. Or, fix your network and/or router, and be happy. There’s a lot less work in fixing your network than there is ebaying everything.