Mesh wifi connected player disappearing and reappearing

I've got 9 devices running happily on sonosnet (S1), and a single Play 5 Gen1 on WiFi in a distant room which sonosnet doesn't reach but which is strongly covered by mesh wifi (Asus AX Zenwifi mini). The WiFi connected device disappears and reappears from the list of devices randomly... it plays absolutely fine when it's there, and there's no problem with the WiFi connectivity on the mesh. The sonos is still shown as a WiFi connected device to the mesh node when it's disappeared. I can re add it each time to speed up the reappearance process, but it's obviously pretty tiresome doing that.

Connection report below.... the troublesome device is the one called Storage, and it is about 2 metres away from the mesh node so definitely has a good signal.

Any suggestions?




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Does the device reappear if you connect your mobile to the same access point?

Is airtime fairness enabled on the Asus? If so try disabling it. 

Thanks, tried that (connecting to the node) but no change. QOS and Airtime fairness both off.

After connecting your mobile to the local mesh node, did you fully exit then reopen the controller app? This would do a rediscovery, and it ought in theory to find the Storage player on the same BSSID.


The aim of this is to try and isolate the problem, i.e. is the issue a function of the WiFi connection itself, or is it caused by the mesh backhaul between nodes.

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Hi @Omar82 

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Are you still having this issue?

If so, please change the Asus WiFi Mini node 2.4GHz band to channel 11. As Sonosnet is on channel 11, the speakers are trying to communicate on that channel directly, and the difference (WiFi is on channel 5) may cause a problem. If you can’t change the channel on that node, you may need to change it on the router instead. Reboot the speaker and node afterwards, to give it the best chance of working afterwards.

If the node has an ethernet socket, you may get better results connecting the Play:5 via that as I see evidence of deauthorisations, probably due to band steering. An alternative would be to split your 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands so that they have different names (and don’t tell Sonos the 5Ghz details). If the issue persists, or if you need help doing this, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who will happy to do this for you (or guide you, if you don’t have a computer).

Edit: As @ratty mentions, the fault could also be due to the backhaul, which is how the node connects to the router - the node should be well within range of the router as well as the devices it’s trying to serve WiFi to. Half-way would be ideal.

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