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  • 21 March 2022
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Yep, this is a common one, but previous threads are locked so looking to connect with a Sonos tech to send a diagnostic report to. I’m using the Mac client and a Play:1 speaker.


Over time, the maximum length of a Spotify playlist has dropped for me. I don’t recall how big the working length used to be (maybe 5000 tracks?), but now it seems like I have to have my playlists under around 2000 tracks. E.g., a playlist of 3145 tracks which used to work now gets “Unable to add songs to the queue” when I do “Replace Queue”. A playlist of 1859 tracks does work, however.

I have what should be a single 10,000 track Spotify playlist - I understand the max is 6750, so I should be able to split it in two and add each one to the queue, but I’ve previously split it into 4 playlists, and it seems like now I have to do it in 5 parts? Plus add my Amazon music, which would be near impossible one 500-track playlist at a time, so I have a bunch in a Sonos playlist...

BTW, I’ve tried to play my large playlists in the Spotify app to this speaker and it’s flaky - sometimes selecting the speaker simply does nothing (the app shows the pause button as if it’s playing, but the time marker doesn’t move), and even when it actually plays it keeps displaying “Spotify can’t play this right now”.


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2 replies

Diagnostic 552437586 sent - it’s the “Office” speaker I’m using.

To speak with Sonos (Technical) Support about your Diagnostic submission, you should be able to contact/chat to them via this LINK