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  • 5 August 2022
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Not sure how the latest beta software was Road tested but it should have definitely been mentioned when the beta was on ho poor it was. It may well have improved the dialogue on the arc but not at the expense of the quality sound & booming bass that we had before & my volume had to go fro roughly 25% to now nearer 40% volume. The last arc that I had last year when I was involved in beta trials died as a result of the beta so much so that sonos deemed it as faulty & replaced it. Today I spoke to someone about my roam & although it was never a boomer it still had a good bass if put it up to about +10 . Please we definitely need to get our sound back to its previous levels I think I’d sooner be fighting with the remote control to turn the sound up & down as opposed to losing levels

3 replies

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An interesting post, but possibly in contravention of your confidentiality agreement as a Beta tester? 

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Which part  I commented on not sure how this beta was run but I feel it’s a big disappointment. I wasn’t part of it & I also the beta that killed off my arc was an old beta over 12months ago.  I was involved in beta trials & I know about nda’s & what to discuss & as i said not involved in betas for over 12months now. So not really contravening anything. But thanks for your concern.

The change in position of the Volume slide created an “attitude” problem in the user community. but it was only a change in the Volume control characteristic, not the ultimate power output. This change results in easier control at the lower end of the control range.

As I walk through the boom box section of a big box store I note that potential customers rate the “power” of a unit based on how far they must advance the Volume control until the unit becomes “loud”. A typical comment is “This one is powerful because I only need to crack the Volume control until it gets loud”. Typically these units don’t get much louder beyond that point and they are very difficult to control in situations where you might not want the unit to be “loud”. 

The change in equalization is a different matter.