Group coordinator problem + resolution?

  • 1 October 2021
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I typically use the ‘everywhere’ default group for playing music, composed of all devices I have in my home.  My device groups / layout is as follows:


Living Room


Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom


→ All using wifi (not sonosnet)


When playing music to the ‘everywhere’ group, the room listed first was always ‘Garage’, seemingly chosen because of alphabetical ordering. My problem is that the Garage room is furthest from all other speakers, and when playing highER bandwidth music like Sonos HD I would experience 3-4 cutouts + recovers within 1 minute.


By changing the name of my living room to ‘1 Living Room’, I think I’ve forced the living room, the most central speaker room in the house, to be used as the group coordinator anytime its included in the group playing music. With this change I’ve had no further issues with music cutting out.


Only remaining problem is if I choose to play music to all rooms besides the living room, the group coordinator will still become the Garage room, again causing the issue above.


Question: is there a better way to fix my issue?




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Have you tried selecting a single Sonos that has a good connection and then adding the other speakers to that Room?

I’ve had better luck moving to SonosNet on a clear channel taking the audio transfer load off my home WiFi. If you can wire any (non-surround/sub) you should be able to do that. A Boost is also an option (not the Bridge) either new or sometimes much cheaper used.


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I believe the coordinator in this case will be the Associated Product (AP), this is shown in the Settings/About page. It is chosen by the first device responding to the SSDP network scan when the app starts up.

Changing the display name will not affect the AP in any way.

Stanley’s suggestion of starting with a “good” player then adding the others to that in a group is a good one.

The Associated Product is unrelated to grouping. 

Adding “Everywhere” will add the rest of the household to the current room, which remains as GC.

Using “Play in Another Room” → “Everywhere” from the source context menu assigns the GC to the top room in the list alphabetically.