Fives pairing issues

  • 26 May 2022
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I have had Sonos products for 10 years now. 2 x Ones (stereo pair - bedroom), 2 x Play 3’s. (Separate rooms), Soundbar and 2 x Fives (paired) plus Sub. 
The recent problem is that the Fives keep unpairing and now can only use intermittently once I have reset them. At the moment I have lost 1 x Five altogether! Also, they lose  pLaying and get same music playing at different times. 

Usually have Radio 2 playing all day in the kitchen without any issue’s. Over the last few weeks cannot get them to work at all.  WiFi is good and no issues with any of the other products around the house. 

Now as I type, the remaining Five has just gone off. Getting really peeved with this and thinking that going back to the old fashioned stereo from the 70’s would be more reliable, considering how much I have invested in this tech.

Any ideas gratefully received. HELP


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4 replies

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Separate the Fives as a stereo pair and unplug them from power for a couple of minutes. Reboot your router. Then plug the Fives back in and pair them again as a stereo pair. You might also try swapping the position of the Fives before you pair them again.

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Ok, so that worked for a couple of days. Now they are back to un syncing themselves and playing the same tune at different times!

SONOS, what is going on? This is really turning me off your products. 

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Thanks. Seems to be working now or at least has been for the last couple of days 👍

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try.