Everything works fine except my library won't update all of a sudden?

  • 15 January 2022
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I run several Sonos products from my iPhone app version 13.4.1 … The music comes from my iTunes library on my PC … I use my imported iTunes playlists … everything is playing fine … but my library simply will not update. It doesn’t add new music OR change playlists. When I click update now in the app, it does what it normally does … and when it finishes after 5 or so minutes … my library hasn’t changed.

I did some of the suggested fixes for similar problems, checking the network, changing the channel from 6 to 11, that kind of thing … but it doesn’t appear to be a network problem. I am not getting any error messages or anything. Can anyone suggest what’s wrong?

1 reply

Hi @jbnbpt,


It’s difficult to tell exactly what’s happening here, but I can suggest a couple of things:


  • First of all, and this may sound obvious but it’s worth checking, ensure that your new music is located inside the folder that Sonos is pointing to. If it’s recently purchased albums from iTunes/Apple Music then you need to make sure they’re downloaded to your computer inside the folder that’s been added to Sonos when you set up your Music Library. You can check the folder path by opening the Sonos app on your PC, selecting Manage, Music Library Settings.
  • If the music is downloaded inside that folder, try updating the folder once more, and once it’s complete, submit a system diagnostic and get in touch with our customer care team. They’ll be able to analyse the report and see if there are any errors being flagged up internally.