Delayed connection to Sonos

  • 16 July 2021
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I have been having connection issues with my Play:1ever since I switched to S2. The app will show unable to connect at first. I have gone through the re-setup process so many times that I gave up. Then I realize if I leave the app on without doing anything it will connect after some time - usually more than 10 mins. Does anyone else have this issue? Also why is there no email support? I cannot find any similar issues here or in your support page. How can I get technical support directly other than posting in this community chat? 

6 replies

If you click on the ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of this page, you’ll see several methods to reach Sonos support, although last time I looked, no email. 

ya those several methods are useless just a list of common fixes that don’t address my issues and a chatbot that only covers the same list of known issues but none to direct new and unknown issues except one to email the CEO directly - which I did, not sure if the CEO is so free to answer every query personally.

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I have noticed my iphone can sometimes be a little slow to connect to wifi. This probably started a few months ago, but is quite intermittent. If the Sonos S2 app was the last thing I used before the phone slept, the app will sometimes report  “no wifi” and (I guess) go into some kind of search mode before the wifi connection to the phone is established. When this happens, it can be a minute or so - but not 10 minutes - before normal service is resumed. But it therefore seems to be an iPhone or iOS issue rather than Sonos-related. 

You asked how to contact support. I provided the way to do that. Your decision that they’re “useless” is not shared by the majority. Especially once you get past the chatbot, and actually speak to a representative. But it’s up to you. 

All of my experiences, once I’ve gotten on the phone with a rep, have been exemplary. 

@Airgetlam I did not mean to discredit your advice if it appeared so I apologize. It is a personal preference to use email communication for troubleshooting instead of talking to a bot or calling on the phone. Some chat support connects you with a human support when the common list of issues and fixes are exhausted without solving the problem I am only hoping Sonos can provide. I have seen many issues solved in this community group postings by Sonos technicians who have requested for the diagnostics log which I am still waiting for someone to provide to help diagnose my issues.

@nik9669a quite sure mine is not a WiFi problem as I am able to connect to other devices & services in my network

Finally some tech support emailed me for details and diagnostic information, in response to my email to their CEO. Seems they do not respond to postings here anymore. Hopefully they can help me resolve the issues.