Completely Reset System & App?

  • 14 September 2021
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TLDR: Does anyone know how to COMPLETELY reset products and app?


I had an internet outage on Saturday, but my provider didn’t post there was an outage until over an hour afterwards. I completely reset my router, and had to change the network name and information, everything, thinking it was my equipment.


In the process, obviously my Sonos system (Two Beams, Sub, two Ones, Roam) wouldn’t connect. I followed the prompts of updating the system information, and they got caught in purgatory and wouldn’t update. I kept trying and nothing, they wouldn’t do it.


Last night I spent over an hour with the Sonos support team on the phone, and after plugging in each product to my router, adding them back to the system (which still didn’t want to add many of them the first few attempts), my system is finally working, but my Ones are cutting out constantly, and they’re both within 15 feet of the router and have never done that before.


Overall, I want to just completely wipe everything and restart like I just brought it from the store, but I can’t get the app to give up on trying to update and recreate the old system, and factory resetting the products doesn’t work in clearing it all either.


I don’t care about playlists, favorites, etc. that would hurt in a hard reset. I only watch TV and stream Spotify, and that’s easily correctable if I wiped everything.

2 replies

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There may be better options but if that is the way you want to go...

Follow the Sonos instructions for doing a Factory Reset on all your Sonos, that will wipe everything.

Power down all Sonos.

Reboot your router and controller.

Power up one Sonos Beam (any primary speaker would do, no Sub or Surround) to use to create your new system.

Once the basic system is set up with the single speaker add your other speakers to it from the controller menu.


Detailed steps for all of this are in the Sonos FAQ.


I’m not sure opting for a full system reset is the answer here - it’s much simpler, if running all Sonos products on your router WiFi, to set ‘fixed’ (non-overlapping) WiFi channels instead for the 2.4Ghz band, using either channel 1, 6 or 11. 

I would have started with channel 11 and then tried 1, followed by 6, just to see which WiFi channel works best.

It’s also helpful to set the channel-width to 20MHz for the 2.4Ghz WiFi band to reduce interference, if the router allows you to do that.

If that didn’t resolve the issue, then I would go onto try (ethernet) wiring one standalone Sonos device to the router, which should cause the players to switchover to use their internal SonosNet-mesh WiFi connection instead and that can also improve things in some households, but in that case, it’s recommended to set the SonosNet channel in the App ‘Settings/System/Network’ so that it is at least 5 channels away from the chosen router channel. 

So that’s the path I would perhaps choose to tread first, as I see a full factory reset as always being ‘a last resort’ only and there’s no actual guarantee such a reset will improve things anyway in either the short or longer-term. My own thoughts are you are more likely to achieve success by changing and fixing the mentioned settings yourself and it’s far less time-consuming too.