can you change the wifi unit in a playbar?

  • 24 April 2021
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I have an Old playbar, it no loger Works proberbly on wifi. 
The Music is playing on and of. If I group it with my Sonos one. The one pays the music without trouble, but the music from the soundbar comes and goes. 
it works fine with an Ethernet cable, and with the tv. 
So can I change the WiFi unit?

3 replies

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If the WiFi card is bad, it can be replaced. But what you are describing may not be a faulty WiFi card. It could just be a network issue or WiFi interference.

Why not just keep the Playbar wired with an ethernet cable?

I just assumed since play one is working, and it have been working flawlessly for years, and I haven’t changed anything other than setting up a mesh, and it has been working great with that as well. 

Keeping the Ethernet cable is of course a possibility, but I have “stolen” it from another unit, so would have to get another, and that it of course a Cheever option 😊

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Small 5 or 8 port Ethernet switches are under $20 a lot of places.

Really handy to just run one Ethernet to a cabinet and then split it out to as many ports as needed there.