Can only register one speaker

  • 11 December 2020
  • 2 replies

I got a new router, so needed to reset my speakers (5 total, 2nd gen and Move). The methods online and in the app didn’t work. (spent 90 minutes trying, so let’s move on.) So I unplugged all my speakers with the intention of factory resetting them. I removed the app from my phone. Reinstalled the app with my account. I reset one speaker and linked it to my new wifi. This worked fine. When I attempted to reset and install another speaker it appeared to work correctly. Then it stated it had a connection error and I needed to re-login. Which worked. However, the original speaker and my linked music services were removed. I’ve tried this a few times with the same result. Starting with different speakers and using different speakers second. Any ideas on next things to try? Thanks, CJF

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2 replies

It sounds like you are repeatedly setting up every speaker as a new separate system. 

Once you have one set up, for the next one just go into system settings and  tap  Add Product. Then follow the prompts. 

(After the first is set up you may have to factory reset the others before adding them).

Further thought.  Do you have a speaker that has not yet been factory reset? If so, and you want to retain any Sonos playlists etc, please post back before doing anything else.