Beam won’t connect wirelessly.

  • 12 April 2019
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I recently bought a Sonos Beam and it was working fine for a few months. But now it won’t show up on the Sonos app. The white light is on indicating it is connected to my WiFi but the speaker is nowhere to be found. My play 3 and play 1 are working fine.

I have tried factory resetting my beam multiple times. And have even rest my entire Sonos system/controller (basically starting as if I bought all three Sonos Speakers for the first time and set them up) but still my beam is not connecting. Please help!

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27 replies

Update: Phoned customer support, spent around an hour trying various fixes, including factory reset,  so lost all playlists etc. Still not resolved. Only advice now is to update my Virgin Super hub 2 router despite this working perfectly fine for over 3 months. Anything but the Beam being faulty, right.

Currently back to using an ethernet cable and since restoring all the stuff I lost back onto the app the Google voice assistant is now refusing to play any radio stations.

Patience has now run out with this glitchy device. Any advice on how to get a refund, replacement?

I’ve had my beam for about 2 months now, no problem out of the box and system worked amazing with my two One Speakers — but suddenly stopped working this week, doesn’t show up in app or any other streaming music services. First time I simply disconnected/reconnected power and it rejoined the system, second time not so much. 
I suppose I’ll try the Ethernet connection reset as some suggested, but this is a real hassle as my cable connection is no where near, hence buying a wireless system. Really hope Sonos recognizes this problem and can be solved with a software update down the line. 

old topic similar problem last month sonos pushed an update that crippled the beam


The problem is related to the latest update. Bogus solutions resetting router etc. Nothing works after 45 minutes question was asked do you have a android device?  This household does not have it. So apparently the development at sonos has some problems and they can’t get the iOS app working. And now we are running a treadmill resetting routers switching of 5 ghz etc.


I have 2 play ones and the new roam both work perfect! Roam on 5 ghz play ones on 2,4 this is a sonos related problem! Mann up and be honest. Say sorry and give a timespan when there is a update to the beam working again. And please hire back your iOS de developer honor your roods make it work!


Bought the beam in us when it just was released always worked. Until an update gilts 2 years ago this one is the worst update ever.


How to recognize? check the listed networks they do not change even after a factory reset.


Same problem here, Beam worked fine for around 3 months now completely invisible to the Sonos app and WiFi.  Spent a frustrating evening following troubling shooting advice on the app and via  Sonos messaging  to no avail.

I've now got to order an Ethernet cable at my expense (on the advice from Sonos) to try and resolve the issue. Not happy!

I just got a sonos beam and have a very similar issue. Straight out the box It wont connect to my wifi. Done all the rebooting and spent over an hour with online adviser where we used an ethernet cable which works effortlessly and then tried to change the network settings to wifi but no joy. My router is virgin super hub 3 and I have it setup for both 2.4 & 5GHz. Did anyone resolve this issue, don’t really want to waste a few hours speaking on the phone to customer support if they cant fix it.

Very disappointed in this I was expecting good things, especially as connection to other devices is one of its key points but yet a fundamental “connecting to wifi” appears to be glitchy or virtually impossible

I had this same exact issue and it was driving me nuts. Got on the phone with Sonos support and after an hour of troubleshooting, they had me check my wifi router settings. I made sure my router met the below criteria. This fixed the issue and the beam is working like a charm. 


Recommended router settings for a Sonos system:
a. Auto channel must be set to Off
b. Choose best non-overlapping channel (1,6,11)
c. Set channel bandwidth to 20MHz
d. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz should be enabled
e. UPnP should be enabled
f. 802.11 band should be set to b/g/n
g. Airtime Fairness should be disabled
h. STP must be enabled for SonosNet setup
i. Parental controls (if any)


In my situation, i had to change my channel from 6 to 11 because channel 6 was too crowded (i live in an apartment building) and i had to set my bandwidth to 20MHZ.


Good luck! I hope this helps!

I’m appalled that Sonos continue to issue such flawed boiler-plate advice.


e. UPnP should be enabled

It most definitely should not. It’s unnecessary for Sonos operation and is a notorious vector for malware intrusion into the local network.


h. STP must be enabled for SonosNet setup

Again, wrong, unless more than one Sonos unit is wired across different router ports, or across different managed switch ports. In the vast majority of cases, where a single Sonos device is wired, STP in the core of the network is irrelevant for SonosNet setup.


Try wiring it with an ethernet cable to your router. If it then shows up, run a system diagnostic, and contact Sonos Support to discuss it. I suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.

I am having same problem. Have hooked unit to Google router via Ethernet cable but still no connection. Have unplugged and reset through instructions on website.

 Never shows Sonos Network in Wifi 

I have just reset Sono One and Play 1 using Ethernet connection with Sonos One; that worked 

very fed up with Sonos Beam . Wish I had never bought

i never get green flashing light. How long did you wait b4 green light showed ?

Factory resetting is rarely a good idea and virtually never solves a problem permanently if at all.  It also destroys all the useful diagnostic info.  Please don’t factory reset.

Ramesesh, I followed those steps from Sonos support and initially it connects and works. Once I unplug and move the beam to where I want it, it no longer connects to wifi even though it's not 15 feet from router. I have other Sonos devices connected without issue and this beam device has eaten 3 hours of my life with no fix. Time to take it back to Costco? 

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Have you rebooted your router, unplugged the Beam from power for about a minute, rebooted your phone, or reset the Sonos app under App Preferences?

Thanks for the response. Tried all those fixes, alas they were all unsuccessful 

This has also happened to me. I tried removing my play 3 also. When I re-setup my play3 it finds the network but my beam won’t

Same issue here!

I had the same problem and I just resolved it  

  1. Connect your Sonos to your router via Ethernet cable .
  2. In my case, the Sonos beam required an update which I installed.
  3. Use the Sonos app to access the settings - it will prompt you to disconnect your ethernet cable so disconnect the ethernet cable.
  4. Go to System>Network>Networks remove your old network
  5. .follow the standard Wifi set up process for a new network.

Hope this is helpful to anyone still struggling. 

I didn’t have to modify any of those settings on my end. So anyone that tries the advice i was given, definitely take into account ratty’s insight.


Thanks Ratty!

Update: it will only connect when attached through Ethernet connection. I got it to register and tried wireless. It’s on the app, but won’t pair with other rooms or play music on its own. It says there’s an “error with the queue (1001)”. It is definitely a WiFi problem as my other speakers are working without flaws as I have done all of this.
Definitely NOT a wifi problem* sorry
I’m having the same issue. Beam connected and worked great at my last house and WiFi network. I just moved, new WiFi network. Using the Sonos app it won’t find it now. I can get it to recognize if I hardwire but still can’t play through it and it won’t stick when unplug for WiFi.
While it is hardwired, you have to go in to the controller app and refresh the data there with your new wifi information.

The new network is still 2.4Ghz, and not 5Ghz, correct? 802.11 b/g/n?
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I’m having the same issue. Beam connected and worked great at my last house and WiFi network. I just moved, new WiFi network. Using the Sonos app it won’t find it now. I can get it to recognize if I hardwire but still can’t play through it and it won’t stick when unplug for WiFi.

Have you tried changing the WiFi connection in Settings?
I am having the same issue now. I reset my router, the beam, uninstall/installed sonos app, tried everything and my beam is not wireless connected..I have sound from TV in the beam, but cannot manage it from sonos app, neither my phone or my laptop. only with TV remote controller..any idea?

I just resolved the same issue. So I hope this might help. Connect your Sonos to your new network via Ethernet cable and use the Sonos app to access the settings. In System>Network>Networks remove your old network.

I was then able to follow the standard Wifi set up process.

Hope this is helpful to anyone still struggling. 

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To factory reset your Beam, you may continue holding down the join button as you reconnect the power cord for about 3-5 seconds.