audio intermittently cuts out

  • 18 October 2020
  • 2 replies

I have a Sonos Sound bar and 4 x play5 speakers.

I have a Orbi WiFi router

I have a Cat 6 to a HDMI extender to the TV

Sony TV


I already swapped out the cable box and the extenders and the HDMI cables. My installer thinks it could be a bad Cat 6 wire. Any other suggestions? 

2 replies

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Which sound bar? Which TV? How are they connected? Is it TV audio that is cutting out, or streaming, or both? I would test with the HDMI extended to start with.

Sound bar: PBAR1USBLK

TV: Sony XBR75X900F

Connection optical cable (FYI i switched out)

Cuts out on TV

Already switched out extender at the TV and the one in the basement