Audio delay on Netflix and Discovery+

Im building a new house and wanted to build Sonos into it.

I currently have a Sony Bravia 4K UR3 TV which is connected to a Beam Gen 2 via eARC.

Connected to the Beam are a Sub (gen3) and Two One’s as surround (I also have another 4x One SL’s on their way).

I have been through various fora looking for the answer, I have tried with the TV output settings: Audio Output, A/V Sync. eArc, Passthrough etc.

Restarted the TV and Beam.

My usual Freesat viewing is not affected at all.

It’s Discovery Plus and Netflix I have a problem with.. the audio is delayed ?

Does anybody have any idea how to get around this problem, it’s sooo annoying to me :(



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How are you watching Discovery and Netflix? (using a ‘box’?, TV App?, Freesat?)

Good point @buzz 

Netflix etc via internal Sony/Android app and Freesat (Dish) via a 4 year old external box (It’s a Freesat branded box and remote ).

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Try these settings on your TV:

Speakers: Audio System

Auto System Prioritization: On

A/V Sync: On

eARC Mode: Auto

Digital Audio Out: Auto 1

Dolby Digital Plus Output: Dolby Digital Plus

Pass Through Mode: Auto

Thanks Mr Guitar,

Your settings have helped, now with delay +3 the dialogue is a lot closer - I can live with that for now :)