Apps no longer conect to sonos

  • 21 September 2022
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We have wi-fi and internet intact. All products have power and a unit is hardwired via ethernet to router. Nothing has been changed - though we have been experiencing a lot of drop out these last few weeks. Anyway, today we are no longer able to access/connect to sonos. Tried all the recommended fixes. Nothing. I can see no reason why it shouldn’t work, but it doesn’t. (Have just updated mac os on laptop, but that should not interfere with my iphone...). Im using S1 app. Sonos help sequence sent me here...

2 replies

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Is the hardwired unit a Bridge? If so, then possibly that has failed.

I would try wiring another Sonos device to the router to see if the system returns.

If you follow @Mr. T ‘s suggestion, power down the BRIDGE during this experiment. A failing BRIDGE power supply can cause all sorts of wildly intermittent network issues.