Android S1 app crashing on a variety of search tabs

  • 25 September 2020
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Several of the search tabs in the S1 android app are causing the app to crash for me. In particular, Podcasts and Shows, Genres, Stations and perhaps a few others. Unaffected are Artists, Songs, and Albums. I can switch to the tab successfully, but when I start typing, the app unceremoniously closes. I’m on a Galaxy S9+. Anyone else experiencing this?

I tried clearing the cash as well as reinstalling the app to no avail.




Best answer by Earquake 15 October 2020, 18:48

It strikes me that offering up the old version of the app would be an easy fix until you can sort out the problem that is generating an unfortunate amount of upset and generating negative reviews. 

All the current S1 app does is prove the planned obsolescence of some devices, advertise the new products and fail to instil confidence in continuing with the system at the same time.

Just give us the old app back, it will cost you nothing and keep everyone happy until you beta test S1 properly.

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37 replies

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Hi @dementedbuddha.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I would like to start off by sharing with you the Sonos app requirements to better understand what version or operating system does Sonos need to work. If all information on the guide is met, I would like to ask if we can check the storage capacity of your device as it also affects app performance. I would also suggest try controlling Sonos using a different mobile controller and check if the issue persists or have different behavior when using a different mobile controller. I would also consider uninstalling and re-installing the Sonos app. We may want to use the downloads link from our support website so we can be sure that we are downloading the correct and most updated Sonos app. You may also want to submit a diagnostic so we can further check what is going on.

I hope this helps.

Please let us know how it goes. We are always here to help out.


I have a similar problem on a Pixel 4a that just picked up Android 11. I have a mix of mostly S1 compatible stuff with one or two S2-vapable devices.  The S1 app crashes as soon as I try to search for podcasts amongst other things. I wiped my storage and cache and force stopped the app and when I reconnected the problem recurred. 

Hi, yes same issue here. I use both s1 and s2 for Seperate systems.

i have s1 installed on android and iOS devices the crash only occurs on the android device. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but issue persists. Crash occurs when searching podcasts, genres, station. Regards Spike in the uk


Same issue here also, this morning. I use S1 for everything. Have tried reinstalling. Search tabs like artists are fine but searching via podcasts, stations is crashing my app. Same for other Android users in house like me. App seems OK on IOS devices in house.

Please help. Looks like a platform bug?


Ben, in UK


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Hi Paul A,

To answer your questions.

  1. Galaxy S9+ (Model SM-G965W), carrier is Koodo in Canada (part of Telus)
  2. Android version 10, One UI version 2.1 (most recent patches installed)
  3. There is 10GB of free space on my phone.
  4. I don’t have another android phone to try the app on, but from the replies it seems like other people are having the issue.
  5. As mentioned in my original post, I cleared the cache (which for some reason I spelled “cash”… doh) as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

I’m getting an occasional warning on my phone saying the Sonos S1 is using a lot of battery in the background.

I just submitted a diagnostic report.



I’m also experiencing the same issue on Pixel 4/Android 11. The Sonos S1 app immediately crashes if I search by “station”, “genre”, or “podcast”.

Same issue here using Spotify. Spotify search works and can play with it but that is backwards.

Same problem here, just installed android 11, sonos app now crashes when searching for stations

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HI @all.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us. We apologize for the inconvenience of having the Sonos App crash from time to time after the android 11 upgrade.

I would like to share with you some steps on how to report this to our engineering team first hand for them to be made aware of the situation and investigate what is causing these crashes and what needs to be done to fix it.

  • Go to your mobile phone’s settings, scroll down, look and tap for the Developer Options.

  • If the Developer Options is not available, I would suggest going to About device or info.

  • Look for the Build number and tap it multiple times to enable Developer mode (or Developer options)

  • Then, return to the main menu of your mobile phone’s settings.

  • Tap the Developer Options.

  •  Tap to put a check on the box to enable USB debugging.

  • Tap Make bug report (Allow up to 60 seconds for the report to complete).

  • Once it finishes, tap the popup or notification that asks you how you'd like to send the report.

  • Upload the report to and ask the customer to submit the link so we can receive it.

  • Or you can contact our technical support team to ask for some assistance or for more in-depth troubleshooting steps.

Please let us know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.


Hi again,

I followed your instructions to report the issue first hand to your engineering team but the Sonos upload URL isn't working.

Your Technical Support link just throws you back to the main support page and general Mon-Fri customer support number.

Is there another way to share the bug report to your engineers?



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Hi @BenLv.

Thanks for the immediate feedback and response. We apologize for the link not to be working. I would like to suggest calling our technical support team through our toll-free number @+18006802345 or you can use the above indicated by the blue color labeled technical support team, change the country to your present country, and a “talk with us” link lower left would appear. 

Please let us know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.


Thanks - probably me but where do I find the 'blue colour labelled technical support team' you mention? Is this a separate helpdesk page to the main Contact Us/Support Page - or is it one and the same thing?


I had the exact same issue!

My Sonos S1 app kept crashing when selecting the Stations tab in Search.

Rebooting the phone and re-installing the Sonos app did not fix the issue.

I was using Sonos Version 11.2.3 Build 57381090 and Android Version 10.

After I downgraded to Sonos Version 11.2.1 Build 57378190, the issue was resolved.

You can find it here:


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Hi @BenLv.

Thanks for the immediate response.

It is the same page. If we can scroll down at the bottom middle portion of the page, we can see there the prompt “Get in touch with Sonos Support” and below that prompt would be “your country” kindle provide the most accurate information so the page can provide you with the right medium to contact our technical support team.

Please let us know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.


Same here! Since several weeks, Sonos S1 app crashes, e.g. each time when entering a station name on station search tab.


  • Pixel 3 w. Android 11, Build number RP1A.200720.009
  • Always latest SONOS software, currently app version 11.2.3 (version before had same problem).

Help is REALLY appreciated!

I had the exact same issue!

My Sonos S1 app kept crashing when selecting the Stations tab in Search.

Rebooting the phone and re-installing the Sonos app did not fix the issue.

I was using Sonos Version 11.2.3 Build 57381090 and Android Version 10.

After I downgraded to Sonos Version 11.2.1 Build 57378190, the issue was resolved.

You can find it here:


Moderator Note: Modified in accordance with the community guidelines.


Can someone post how to do this? Google solutions I have found don’t seem to work.

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    I think that it is clear that there is an app issue, not a fault of individual phones.  A general google search shows a lot of people find this same problem and it’s creating a lot of bad reviews on Google Play store and Amazon to name but a couple.

I get immediate crashes on clicking of search tabs.  Also clicking on long working favorite saved stations fails to trigger them. (Any FIP station, Audiophile Jazz, Dub Lab, Berlin Community Radio, Cinemix, CKUT to name but a few but from many different countries).  FIP I can play via the Alexa app and then share to other devices but it’s frankly not an extra hoop that should have to be jumped through.  This has been happening for weeks.

Windows PC app labours under the same issue of not being able to play many stations.  BBC stations seem to work fine, for some reason.

I have been very happy indeed with my ever expanding Sonos system for quite a while now however this is a bad look after brick gate and frankly smells a bit fishy, and those ever increasing numbers of annoyed customers on all the other sites are sadly saying the same.  I’m sure you’re going to get things fixed soon but don’t make it too long.  This is damaging when folks are spending more time at home than ever and need to be able to enjoy their Sonos systems to keep themselves sane.

Samsung SM-G965F with nearly 2Gb free memory

Software Build: G965FXXSBETH2

Sonos App V 11.2.3

Debugging data has been sent via crash reports a few times too.

Phone is kept fastidiously up to date in general.


Thank you

As explained in the Diagnostics - How do they work? thread, unless you post the number of the diagnostic in the forums, or call in, Sonos is unlikely to know to look at them.

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Sorry - I missed this thread and had started another one (link:

The workaround seems to be “use Apple” until it gets sorted...

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I’m not going to buy an expensive iPhone so I can control what is effectively an abandonware speaker system I already dropped thousands of dollars on. I’ve been grumpy about Sonos since they did the big redesign of the app a few years ago, I’ve never really gotten used to the new one. Then there’s my SMB NAS problems, which made me give up my local library. This has gone from my favorite piece of technology to the worst buyers remorse I’ve ever had about anything, and I owned a Betamax. No matter what has happened over the past few years, I’ve kept on with the system because I’m in it so deep financially and have a residual love for it that’s hard to give up on. It’s getting pretty hard now. If the system was as it had been a few years back and they did a bad app release, I’d have some patience, software is hard to build, but I’m pretty sick of all this. So frustrating  and sad :(

Same issue s1 controller for android.

Its nothing to do with the android, my wife has an ios apple and experiences the same issues.

The problem started the exact day Sonos introduced S2 controller.

I own:
2 x Sonos 1
1 x Play:5 (gen 1)

1 x playbar

The playbard and Play:5 are too old for the new controller, Sonos approach is to obviously ‘support’ / cripple the old technology and S1 controller to encourage people to upgrade.

Sonos equipment is expensive, it still works and there is not a chance I am going to throw more money your way when this is the approach to have people spend more money with your company.

Have contacted customer service and the engineers many times, the response is always terrible or non existent.

Absolute disgrace.

Exactly same issue with sonos s1 for Androïd. 

Hey sonos what i's happenung with your product ? 

Same here, crash crash crash... same set of conditions described here many times already... unfortunately I find myself also sharing the same set of disappointed, negative sentiments and low expectations of Sonos as those most critical above.  You really need to do some serious work if you want to keep hold of your loyal customer base...

Consider the harsh reality of f(n)=7p...

where n=negative opinion 

and p=positive opinions...  (n/7p)=0

Please fix quickly to improve p...

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Same here, "Podcast and Shows", instant crash on S1 using Galaxy S20 Phone.

Same issue, Samsung Note 10, One UI version 2.5  
Android version 10 , Sonos app Version 11.2.3  Build  57381090. The issue is happening after the last Sonos app update.