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  • 23 November 2021
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i’m using a cd player connected to the RCA input of the Sonos Amp.

Then ampli outs go to passive speakers.

Then sub audio out goes to a dedicated analog amplifier + subwoofer.


Due to the analog circuit the sub woofer is delayed some ms respect the passive speakers.

The problem is that there is no delay option to allign Amp out and sub out.

There is only the option to invert phase (0 and 180) of the sub out but it’s not 


I could put a processor between cd player and sonos amp to add some delay but i don’t know if the dac is coupling “amp out” and “sub out” or they are separated.


Any solutions ?



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No, there wouldn’t be, as the Amp’s speaker and subwoofer output are synchronized. Any delay is likely being introduced due to the dedicated analog amplifier that’s feeding your subwoofer. You need to look at that dedicated analog amplifier for some sort of “pass through” so that it isn’t delaying the data it is receiving from the Sonos by doing some odd modifications to it. 

Is the 3rd party amplifier and subwoofer connected to AMP’s subwoofer output?


I agree with Airgetlam, there is some sort of delay in the 3rd party amplifier. Another consideration is the distance between the front speakers and the subwoofer. Sound travel is pokey at about one foot per millisecond. If the subwoofer is more distant than the front speakers, at your listening position, the subwoofer will seem “late”.

If it's injecting delay the 'analog' subwoofer amplifier sounds as if it could in fact be digital internally. 

It’s an old NAD amplifier but it sounds very deep and good. It was of my father. I think it’s the analog circuit inserting delay. I think i’ll change the Sonos amp :D