Airplay keeps dropping on IPHONE when connected to sonos

  • 13 October 2021
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I am having problems with apple airplay dropping on my new iPhone.   I have several sonos devices, about 14 speakers; they are all airplay compatible.  I also have a sonos boost.  I have a very large iTunes library and I primarily play music screaming over airplay from this library to the sonos speakers.   I also have a apple IPad and I do not see this problem when using this device.  I can play music from sonos apps stations without a problem on both devices. 

When I am starting music on my iPhone playing over airplay I select my speakers they select and play, they all play for a short time, then it starts dropping speakers, a few will continue to play.   I go to the airplay speaker selection  and they are no longer selected.  This also seem to be related to the number of speakers I select to play. I can select them again and they may start playing again or they may not.   As I said above, my ipad doesn’t have this problem and they are using the same OS version.

Another problem I am seeing, I also have a sonos amp to play my outdoor speakers.   Using airplay again I play the music outside, I am just selecting these speakers.   It plays the first song and the sound stops.  When I check the airplay speaker selection, the speakers are still selected and the player shows it is playing, but no sound.  The fix is to start an stop the song and it fixes it and usually plays the full album.

I realize this is most likely an apple airplay issue or a problem with my IPhone, but looking on the net you see a lot of people having this problem.  Apple responds in the normal way of telling you to restart your devices to fixt it.   They have a known problem and they are not addressing it.  

I was hoping someone from this community has seen this problem too and figured a way to fix this.


I was so very happy with my sonos system and everything was working so well then I updated my IPHONE to a new phone.  




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If enabled, perhaps try switching off ‘Private Address’ MAC spoofing on the iPhone WiFi connection.

Here too are some further suggestions from Apple sources to fix problems with Airplay connections:

  • Restart all devices and try to AirPlay again
  • Toggle off Bluetooth, or if already off, try turning it on
  • Turn off Cellular Data
  • Disconnect from any other Bluetooth devices (like speakers)
  • Connect to the same WiFi network access point
  • Reset your network settings on your iDevice in Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • Update iOS, and speaker firmware/software
  • Move your devices away from other electronics and closer to the main router
  • Renew your devices DHCP lease via the router configuration pages or reboot the router
  • Switch off any Security/VPN software installed on the sending (mobile) device