6 speakers, 2 separate networks, never all 6 together

  • 12 November 2021
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6 Sonos speakers including a Move. When Sonos starts up, it’s either the Move by itself, or the 5 others, never all six at once. (2 Play1, 2 playbar,1 Play3). I have assigned fixed IP addresses. The Move has an address that is not numerically near the others. Play 1 =, Move = Tried everything I could think of. Rebooting, etc. Any ideas?


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4 replies

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Did you add the Move as a new Sonos system or add it to your existing system?

If you did it as a new system just go back and add it to your existing system.


I’ve had the Move for a few years - it’s just all of a sudden hanging out on it’s own. I going to try taking them all off a fixed IP allocation then put them all back on at the same time. Thanks Stanley


IP assignments are irrelevant. Your system has become split. When the controller starts it will pick one or other of the Sonos households (systems) at random. 

Factory reset the Move. Restart your controller if it doesn’t see the 5 speakers. Add the Move.


Hey ratty that worked! It’s the simple things…